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Rider Survives Eight Days Trapped under His Crashed Bike

Even though we live in a postmodern era, fantastic stories are not a thing of the past, and here's the latest mind-blowing one, arriving from Georgia, in the United States.
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63-year-old motorcyclist Roland Howard Goff was riding his 2003 Honda VTX1300 near his home, when he crashed into a ditch. While this crash had nothing extraordinary, the facts that ensued seem like a part of a movie scenario.

Upon crashing, Goff remained trapped under his motorcycle. He was unable to move the bike to extract himself from underneath the 748 lb (339 kg) two-wheeler. The rider says that the only thing he remembers is traveling off the shoulder of a dirt road before dark, on Tuesday, may 17th.

It's unclear whether Goff didn't have a mobile phone with him or it was impossible for him to reach it and call for help, but the fact is that the poor man remained pinned under his bike for eight days.

Reportedly, he drank the scarce rainwater he could find, and survived by "eating anything around his reach," wctv reports.

One of Goff's friends, William Shultz, noticed his absence from social media for five days, and set off looking for him. Shultz called 911 after finding Goff in the ditch, and the Georgia State Patrol responded, taking the injured and dehydrated rider to the South Georgia Medical Center.

Medical sources at the South Georgia Medical Center say that Goff is in stable condition, but was critically dehydrated on arrival, and with wounds that were several days old. His right leg was in a very bad condition, but the doctors say that he has a strong possibility of keeping it, instead of being amputated.

Lucky Mr. Goff to have such devoted friends! Also, this story is a good reminder to always have a phone in a pocket we can reach in case of a crash, to be able to call for help. Depending on the type of crash, this may be, of course, impossible, but anyway, a phone at hand couldn't hurt.

And that's why manufacturers such as BMW are developing motorcycle-specific automatic emergency call systems...


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