Rider Serves as Human Bridge for Motorcycle in Enduro Rally

Human bridge for an enduro rally 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
As if enduro rallies are not hard enough, the course sometimes includes obstacles that are too much for the bike alone. And adding rain to the whole thing will not make riding an enduro bike any easier, especially when it comes to crossing very rough terrain.
Wide ditches can often turn out to be insurmountable obstacles for most of the riders and tackling them direct would only result in a crash. Damaging the bike seriously or becoming injured are not exactly the most desirable outcomes for participating in a rally, so joint efforts are often the only solution.

Still, in certain scenarios, extreme actions are the only ones that may help rider get past an obstacle, and the video after the jump is the perfect proof. Truth be told, seeing this fellow in the ditch and relying only on the strength of his body and the toughness of the back protector he is wearing sent chills down the spine.

Enduro bikes are indeed a lighter breed of machine, but they aren't exactly feathers. Plus, their weight rests on the same small contact patch and this means increased pressure. All in all, nothing to be taken lightly.

Thankfully, we see the bike passing this uncanny human bridge and the rider being alright and even happy to pull such a stunt off. This is a very good example of teamwork, even though a much more extreme one than what this year's Erzbergrodeo showed us.

This year, the Erzbergrodeo had four winners. Andreas Lettenbichler, Alfredo Gomez, Johhny Walker and Graham Jarvis helped each other overcome a virtually impossible sector, pulling each and every bike up the Downtown climb, and agreeing to ride together through the final checkpoint.

So now you know at least one way to pass an obstacle in your off-road adventures, even though it's recommendable that you find other workarounds.

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