Rider Scares Off Scooter Thief in London

Thief attempting to steal scooter 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
News about bike thieves in the UK never stop coming, and the video below shows they can do it in plain sight during daytime. Thankfully, this rider sees what happens and intervenes.
The fact that there were more than two parking violation tickets on the dash of this scooter left on a sidewalk in London was a dead giveaway its owner wasn’t anywhere around. This basically encouraged a thief to try and snatch it during daytime.

Dressed in baggy black clothes and wearing a hood over his head, the thief was using some tools attempting to take off something off of the scooter. Not sure if he was disassembling it piece by piece or he was trying to find a way and start it, but luckily another scooterist passing by observed what was happening.

He turned around and approached the man in black asking him what he was doing. The response is almost inaudible, but from his mumble, you can tell he lied about what he was doing. He also claimed he knew the owner and was making him a service of some sort.

The good-scooterist filming the scene said he knew the owner too and asked for his name in order to confirm he isn’t doing any harm. As expected, the guy said he doesn’t know his name and was forced by our hero to leave the area immediately.

Good for him for taking attitude in these times when bike thievery is on a continuous way up in London. Usual bike thieves can be easily spotted if you know what to look for.

The professional ones usually travel in a pack of three, using scooters that are most probably stolen too. They always wear a full face helmet or an opened one but with a balaclava covering their face. The usual method to take a bike is by cutting down whatever protection the bike has (chains or disc locks), forcing and breaking the steering lock and then pushing it away using the scooters they arrived on.

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