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Rider's Life Saved as Investigation after Bike Crash Reveals Brain Tumor

This story might seem a bit off when reading the subtitle, but life is full of surprises. While most of us regard a motorcycle accident as a most unfortunate life event, the same cannot be said about British 18-year-old rider Jordan Woodward. The crash he got involved in proved to be the very things that saved his life in the long run.
Jason Woodward's bike after the crash which in the end, saved his life 3 photos
Jason WoodwardJason Woodward's bike
Woodward suffered a motorcycle accident while he was riding his bike near Sheffield, one of the major cities in the northern region of England. Jordan collided with a car, in circumstances which have not ben revealed, but which also are of lesser importance for the case.

The accident itself was not brutal, and the rider has not sustained any life-threatening injuries. Anyway, since he did come off with superficial wounds and had also hit his head in the clash, the doctors insisted on having his head checked for possible what ifs.The MRI reveals a developing brain tumor
As the doctors performed an MRI scan of Jason's head, the procedure revealed a brain tumor which was developing in his brain. Given the fact that he was already in the hospital, the doctors decided to operate on him the very same day.

A 10-hour-long surgery was carried out to remove the cancer cells in Jason Woodward's brain. Discovered by pure luck, the tumor would have been nearly impossible to discover without special investigations, the doctors said.

In the end, Woodward's hidden illness finally explained his occasional vomiting and sudden pains he had been suffering with during the last three years or so. The young man had been to see other doctors, but they failed to determine the nature of his affliction.

They indicated that the nature of his condition was poor diet. In the absence of a cerebral scan, the tumor could not be discovered until much too late to have surgery making a difference, doctors added.

Tracy Woodward, Jason's mother, added that she would have never guessed she'd be so happy after her son was involved in a bike crash, gentside reports. The young man recovered from both the injuries caused by the accident and from his illness.


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