Rider Panics - Crashes Silly In Front of Russian Hottie

As suggested by the title, today’s motorcycle fail video comes from Russia and is the perfect example to illustrate two classic mistakes - not paying attention to the road ahead and not keeping a safe distance to another vehicle up front.
Rider crashes in front of hottie 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
At first, you might be tricked into believing that the accident was caused by one of the bikers checking up that fine girl one second too much, but there’s more to that. As a side note, checking up girls while riding is also a mistake that could lead to a crash...

Returning to out video, the dashcam that captured it doesn’t show what the two motorcyclists were doing before the crash, but judging by the way things evolved you can tell the guy on the smaller bike was doing at least one thing totally wrong.

First of all, he was not “reading” the road. The pedestrian crosswalk was clearly marked by white and yellow lines and the car to his left (i.e. the one with the dashbcam onboard) was clearly braking, a solid giveaway that somebody will cross the street.

Next, comes the second mistake - not keeping enough distance between vehicles. Not sure which one of the two riders did it, but the fact that they ended up colliding into each other right in front of the crosswalk reveals they were riding too close.

Or maybe the guy on the small bike saw the clearing up ahead and tried to overtake the cruiser but then saw the pedestrian, grabbed a handful of front brake and crashed into the other rider.

Either way, this is another good example of how important it is to proactively scan the road for clues of what it’s about to happen. Ease on the gas and peel your eyes for them!

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