Rider on Parole Starts Police Chase, Gets Caught Thanks to Ankle GPS Monitor and Youtube

Putting things bluntly, how stupid can a guy be to start a police pursuit while being already on parole? Hamza Ali Ben Ali-stupid, that’s how.
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Photo: Youtube
Algerian Hamza Ali Ben Ali was facing US immigration proceedings, but he was already on the wrong side of the law, after being charged with aggravated battery against a police officer and driving a stolen vehicle. He was released on a federal bond and was required to wear an ankle monitor as part of the deal, while his driving license was also suspended.

However, it looks like the latter aspect was nowhere near enough to make Hamza Ali Ben Ali at least try to behave. He was riding a Honda Fireblade equipped with a rear-facing recording camera and done his best to cause a Westmont police cruiser to chase him. The pursuit commenced, and during the 7-minute-long chase Ali Ben Ali accelerated to around 115 mph (185 km/h) while fleeing the police. The officers gave up high-speed the pursuit due to concerns for the safety of other road users.

After escaping the police, the 31-year-old Algerian saw fit to upload the video the rear-facing camera on his bike had recorded on Youtube. Having most likely observed the camera, the Police was kind of expecting such a move, since we’ve seen multiple similarly-stupid riders getting caught after bragging about their “heroic” deeds.

The moment came two weeks later, and the Police soon paid Hamza Ali Ben Ali a visit. While his attorney claimed that the video evidence did not put his client on the Fireblade in question, GPS data from his ankle monitor was layered against the route of the purchase and eliminated any doubts on who was aboard the motorcycle during the whole affair.

Ali Ben Ali received three new charges in the DuPage County for aggravated fleeing, eluding police and driving with a suspended license and last week he was found guilty. State prosecutors will be seeking for a stiff sentence which could put Ali Ben Ali behind bars for 6 years. Guess his immigration is done for now…

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