Rider Mauls Yamaha FZ6, Goes Creative with the Wreck

One of the big downsides of motorcycles when it comes to being involved in a crash is that they can be totaled pretty easily, even though the impact is not exceptionally violent. A bent neck or broken cast aluminum frame, alongside the rest of the damages, can easily transform a bike worth repairing into one sold for whatever parts can be used.
Yamaha FZ6 crashed into a car 7 photos
Yamaha FZ6 artYamaha FZ6 artYamaha FZ6 artCrashed Yamaha FZ6FZ6 art crashed into a carYamaha FZ6 art
We don't know the exact story of how this particular accident took place, but we can tell for sure that the rider was lucky to walk away in one piece, still able to sell his bike for parts, and with a mind that allowed him to think creatively.

Looking at the impact zone, we're almost happy to see that the bike did not hit the A pillar or further down towards the B or C one. Such crashes usually end up with severely injured or dead motorcyclists, unlucky enough to have missed the hood or the trunk, and therefore, unable to take flight.

The marks on the tank are a good reminder of how things roll during such crashes, and it's not a pretty sight, especially for guys and their girlfriends. Still this Yamaha rider was lucky enough to make it in one piece and tell the story (so to speak).

Left with a cracked engine block, this FZ6 was not exactly worth working on. The fork was gone, destroying the radiator and the exhaust in the process of wrecking the engine.

The guy sold what parts were usable on the internet and retained the clutch basket, three connecting rods, pin, starter gears and the swingarm bushing. The clutch serves as a base for the new lamp, while the two conrods at the top can also swivel to provide modular functionality.

Vintage bulbs went into three cheap sockets and voila, a desktop table that oozes steampunk vibes and has a fascinating if painful story to it.
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