Rider Forgets to Brake, Violently Clipped by Fast, Huge Truck but Walks Away – Video

Prepare for an unbelievable crash! 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Even though the fellow in this video was literally inches from being turned into a mass of bleeding shattered bones and minced meat, I still believe this is a hilarious video, even though in a rather dark way. Basically, it’s seeing people who definitely shouldn’t be operating any kind of motorized vehicles on public roads getting in huge trouble, but exactly why this is funny is beyond the power of my explanations. It just is.
The social media is full of thousands of similar videos showing drivers and riders acting incredibly stupid, and causing varying amounts of damage to property, themselves, and occasionally injuring others, too, unfortunately.

From dumb riders acting incredibly mindlessly to drivers who can’t park, can’t keep in their lane or are having a hard time telling between the brake and the throttle pedal, these fellows can be found in pretty much any country. It’s hard to tell whether the quantities of such footage arriving from the former Soviet region is due to the fact that almost everyone seems to have a dash camera, or simply because these areas abound in motorists who have unlawfully gotten their licenses.

I do know for a fact that in certain areas of the former communist block getting a driving license is accessible even to people who can’t read and who can barely drive. And the fact that a small bike can be operated on public roads after a summary test that’s really hard to fail is little guarantee that these fellows have any clue what real life traffic is like.

Seeing this rider literally walking away from the crash is spectacular. He is obviously injured and shaken and the fact that he is still moving is most likely because of the shock. Still even so and with a pulverized bike, he’s way better than he could have been if the bike went few inches forward…

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