Rider Flees Police, Drives through Mall Full of People – Video

The people of Surrey, British Columbia have witnessed strange things happening these days, especially those who happened to be in the Guildford Wall-Mart on February 20, this year. The police has revealed action footage recorded during a pursuit, with a motorcycle rider trying to evade law enforcement officers.
Biker tides through a Wall-Mart trying to lose the cops 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The identity of the rider was not made public, but according to the description of the video, the fleering rider has in fact been apprehended after he dumped his motorcycle. While people who, for various reasons, flee the police are a sight which can be seen all around the world, seeing a guy trying to lose the cops by driving through an open mall full of people is something we’re just not that used to.

It is not known now why the rider chose to flee from the police, but if anything, he looks like he did his best to evade his pursuers. Anyway, with the police following his actions and course from a helicopter, choosing to keep on riding that motorcycle was definitely not going to pay off, unless he reached a place to provide cover from the “eye in the sky”.

Riding through a mall and across pedestrian crossings above the highway

As he entered the pyramidal structure on the roof of the mall, he could simply leave the bike and get lost in the crowd, but it looks like things were a bit complicated… or so we think. Obviously, running away from the police riding your own bike is really stupid, because you’re doomed since the instant they have a clear picture of your license plate.

Tracking you down and finding the truth is now a matter of time. Some might say that if you plan to evade the police and thus try to avoid being fined for say, drunk driving might stand a chance if the coppers get you in the evening or the next day. Could be so, but the risks of breaking even more laws and thus increase the severity of the legal consequences is much higher and clearly not worth a try.

This video for example, shows the rider using two pedestrian crossings to get from one side of the highway to the other, and they will also add to the final rap sheet, alongside other offences. Anyway, there will always be people who would flee from the police and hope for the best, even though in such scenarios things seem to only be heading for worse…

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