Rider Barely Escaping Being Turned into Pulp on Mulholland

That fact that affording a sport bike and some leathers does not make anyone a racer is proven to full extent by this new footage from Mulholland, on RNickeyMouse’s awesome Youtube channel. This time we’re dealing with a Yamaha R6 rider who was incredibly lucky to walk away with a battered bike and a negative insurance balance, after being incredibly close to being literally turned into a pulp.
How lucky can some riders get? 1 photo
Most riders find countless excuses for their silly wipe-outs, from all sorts of road unevenness to the most creative and least plausible explanations, but only few of them admit that they were acting mindlessly, trying to look cool on such a dangerous and populated road sector.

One does not have to be a MotoGP Safety Officer to figure out how much riding on a clean track with almost impeccable asphalt differs from riding on a public road differs. Cracks, dips, tar patches, oil gravel sand, debris from other vehicles and whatnot, they all can put a very sudden and gruesome end to a day’s ride. And even provide a ride in the coroner van, sometimes.

Now, if you’re the kind of rider who agrees that the Honda driver was wrong by steering right off the road and technically setting himself of a collision course with the bike, then you should probably hand over your license. Believe it or not, such fellows exist.

If however, you understand that this accident has happened solely because of the R6 rider, then you’ve probably learned a life-saving lesson watching this video: the street is no race track!

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