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Ricoh Introduces 4K WG-M2 Rugged Action Camera

WG-M2 is the codename of Ricoh's latest addition to the action camera line-up. The new Ricoh gadget will be available starting April 18, and it builds on the existing WG-M1 piece introduced in September 2014.
Ricoh WG-M2 10 photos
Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2Ricoh WG-M2 4K captureRicoh WG-M2 4K captureRicoh WG-M2 4K capture
Like the original action camera, the new Ricoh WG-M2 boasts a rugged construction that should allow it to endure the harshest environments and the roughest treatments action sports might put it through. It will operate in good conditions when submerged to a depth of 20 meters (63 ft) and can withstand a fall from a height of two meters (more than six feet). It is impervious to dust and will still function at 10 degrees Celsius (14 F).

On the tech spec side, the Ricoh WG-M2 brags about 4K/30p video capturing, a feature that tends to become the standard, and offers two shooting angles. Users can choose the 151-degree angle for a more natural perspective or the wide mode that offers a 204-degree field. Shooting in FullHD also allows 60fps recording.A unique setting for underwater shooting alters the white balance
LCD image orientation functions and seven image effects (Bright, Natural, Monochrome, Shading, Bleach Bypass, Bold, and High Contrast) are also among the features. Shooting videos underwater will also yield better results when using the Ricoh WG-M2, thanks to the unique white balance setting for this scenario.

Other features include wind suppression mode, ISO figures ranging from 200 to 6400, built-in WiFi, microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC memory card compatibility, and USB 2.0 and Type D HDMI output. A full charge should last for around 450 photos, 80 minutes of 4K Fine settings shooting or 160 minutes of playback.

A wide range of accessories will also be available for the Ricoh WG-M2. The camera will surface in April with a price tag reading a nickel under $300 (equivalent to €270).


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