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Rick Ross Says His Car Show Was “Huge,” Not Only for the Industry But for Him, Too

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Rick Ross’ social media account, you might have noticed a couple of things: he thrives on showing off his wealth, and he has invested a lot of it in a huge car collection and a lavish mansion. Now, he combined the two and created his own car show.
Rick Ross Car Show 8 photos
Rick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car ShowRick Ross Car Show
This past weekend marked Rick Ross’ first-ever car and bike show at his mansion, The Promise Land in Georgia, Atlanta.

Rick Ross, who always calls himself the “biggest boss,” has a car collection of over one hundred units of classics, high-end modern vehicles, and big trucks. Plus, he asked his fellow artists to bring their unique models, too.

Naturally, Ross made time to flaunt it all on social media as it was ongoing, and he hasn’t stopped since. He shared several pictures of the cars that appeared at his event, writing that we’ll have “car show pics coming all week.” Since he had so many cars he wanted to introduce at the show, his vehicles were parked over several rows.

Of course, he couldn’t stop raving about it in his Instagram Stories, either. In a post, he called the car event a “hit,” and, in his most recent short videos from May 25, he said: “Car show was huge, and it was not only huge for the car industry, but [for] me being the biggest boss.”

He added that he had to “make sure we keep every aspect, every industry alive.” Besides being a music mogul, record executive, and now car show host, Rick Ross also owns over 20 Wingstop locations, which is an American chain of aviation-themed restaurants.

Ross continued that the Rick Ross Car & Bike Show was “big for the world to see,” not just for the amazing, unique cars, but for the “unity, the networking.” Because it was, obviously, also a business opportunity that seems to have worked wonders for Ross. Guess we’ll have to see what he does next year.


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