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Rick Ross Done with Classic Cars For Now – Fills Driveway with Rolls Royce and Ferrari

With a collection of over 100 vehicles, you never know what Rick Ross might choose to drive. Probably he doesn’t, either. But, for now, his driveway hosts a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a Phantom, and a Ferrari 488 GTB.
Rick Ross' Driveway Includes Rolls-Royce and Ferrari 13 photos
Rick Ross' Ferrari 488 GTBRick Ross' Ferrari 488 GTBFerrari 488 GTBRick Ross' CullinanRick Ross' CullinanRick Ross' Phantom and Ferrari 488 GTBRick Ross' PhantomRick Ross' Phantom and CullinanRick Ross' CullinanRick Ross' CullinanRick Ross' CullinanRick Ross' Phantom and 488 GTB
Whenever he feels like he needs inspiration to pass his wisdom to his followers, the rapper and record label head turns to his cars. This time, he took a small break from his usual go-to classic cars, which normally include Chevrolets and other GM models, and turned to contemporary luxury vehicles.

There’s nothing that screams lavish lifestyle more than Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which is the brand’s first luxury SUV. A lot of rappers and other celebrities go for this car, highlighting their status and wealth, and it’s only natural that Rick Ross would own one, too. He shared a video of his black SUV on his Instagram Stories, sitting in the driveway next to a dark-colored Rolls-Royce Phantom. He filmed the cars saying “y’all sleeping, that’s so beautiful,” before sharing some wisdom about making money.

For now, he took a break from his love for the Americana and turned to European-made vehicles, in the far back showing a Ferrari 488 GTB. Just a few days ago, the rapper took a Ferrari 458 Speciale out for a spin, and he wants you to know that he owns more than that.

The 488 GTB is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 engine, that puts out 661 horsepower (670 ps) and a maximum torque of 561 lb-ft (760 Nm), making the supercar reach 62 mph (0-100 kph) from a standstill in only 3 seconds. Its top speed is 205 mph (330 kph).

After showing so many glorious vintage cars, it’s exciting to see what else Rick Ross stores in his garages. Yes, "garages", you read that right, because he has more than one to fit his collection. And I’m sure Rolls-Royce and Ferrari is just the beginning. Who knows what comes next?


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