Rick Ross’ Car Guy Gifts Him the Recreated Version of the BMW From “Hustlin’”

Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series 7 photos
Photo: Instagram / 57freddy
6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series From "Hustlin'"6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series From "Hustlin'"6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series6Rick Ross' BMW 7 Series
What do you give someone who has it all? That was the question Rick Ross’ car guy, Freddy, asked himself when trying to give the rapper something he doesn’t have. He found a way by recreating the BMW 7 Series from “Hustlin’.”
Back in 2006, Rick Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, made his debut with the song “Hustlin’.” The music video included several cars, but one of them stands out - a “white on whiteBMW 745Li (E66). Although the rapper went on to build a collection of over one hundred cars, he didn’t own that one.

Until now. His go-to car guy is known as 57Freddy on social media, and the two have been collaborating for a long time. Freddy was even a crucial part in Rick Ross’ first car show, which premiered this year in May.

In a lengthy message on social media, Freddy revealed that he wanted to find something as a “token of my appreciation for everything he has done for me, and continues to do.” But there was one problem, as he writes at the beginning of the message: “What do you gift a person that has it all?

The project was a lengthy one, spread over several months, and Freddy continued that he “had to think really hard, something that meant a lot, a gift that will forever remind him of where he started but also his passion for cars… of course in a decent price range, but needed to have that “IT” factor.

He then recalled his interest in an old car he had in his shop, so he got to work and started looking for a similar one. He did find a BMW 7 Series but a 750Li. He was on a journey to find the perfect wheels, which he found with the help of several friends in the industry.

At the end of the message, he added: “can’t wait to see @richforever driving this car and going back to that era. My bro I hope you love this car just as much as I love the journey on getting this car to this point...

Naturally, Rick Ross loved it and already took delivery of it. He introduced it over the weekend on his social media on his Instagram Stories, urging everyone to go back and listen to “Huslin’.” He hasn’t taken it out for a ride yet, but he surely will soon.

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Editor's note: Gallery includes screenshots of Rick Ross' "Hustlin'" music video

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