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Rick Ross Buys Two Classic Cars, a GMC Jimmy and a Chevrolet C10

 Almost every day, millionaire Rick Ross walks around his property. Sometimes, he shows a new car, other times he shares his wisdom. Now, as he added two GMC trucks to his collection, the rapper proves you might be good in one area, but not all in others, because his “morning glory” includes breathing “H2O.”
Rick Ross' New GMC Jimmy and Chevrolet C10 13 photos
Rick Ross' 55 ShastaRick Ross' 55 ShastaRick Ross' Chevrolet C10Rick Ross' Chevrolet C10Rick Ross' Chevrolet C10Rick Ross' GMC JimmyRick Ross' GMC JimmyRick Ross' GMC JimmyRick Ross' GMC JimmyRick Ross' GMC JimmyRick Ross' Mercedes-MaybachRick Ross' Mercedes-Maybach
Rick Ross welcomed two additions to his impressive car collection: a GMC Jimmy and a Chevrolet C10. The rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur continues to fuel his love for the Americana. He revealed that "I didn’t even look at them, I just bought them and had them delivered,” like real rich people do. He added that they are “supposed to be real clean.”

Since he can’t just purchase two vehicles and there’s that, he added a 1955 Shasta vintage trailer, which he wants to get “cleaned up,” and it’s going to be “real nice.” The rapper wanted to give us a glimpse inside, too, but the door was locked, so he gave up.

In the video, Rick Ross added that he wants the same set of Corleone Forged rims he usually puts in his cars, tagging the Instagram account in the video. The rapper has a collaboration with the wheel company, and his rims are called “Boss Edition.” Very "surprising", right? 

In a different Instagram Story, the rapper takes his newly-purchased GMC Jimmy out for a ride around his property, before parking both vehicles in his driveway.

But we can’t fail to express his latest wisdom included the worst chemistry reference. While walking around his “Promised Land” property, the rapper mistook the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide with the water symbol. “Morning glory makes you take time to look up at the sun. And take the most time for the most beautiful opportunity to wake up today, it's a perfect day to boss up and inhale some of this delicious H2O.” We surely hope he doesn't do that. 

After so many videos of vintage trucks, the rapper also shared a glimpse at one of his Mercedes-Maybach luxurious cars, which you can see in the gallery.

It is obvious that Rick Ross should continue rapping and buying cars. But as he skipped Chemistry classes, he should also skip chemical symbols when posting on social media. That’s okay, we’re not masters in all the subjects out there.


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