Rick Ross "911" Official Music Video Shows Love for Porsche

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Since we wrote a whole coverstory about rappers, rims, chrome and supercars, we consider ourselves experts in the field. Normally, the ideal car for a gangta-rapper is a Bentley, a Cadillac or even a Rolls, but Rick Ross thinks otherwise.
The guy already has a fully packed collection of Ferraris and Lambos, but the new 911 was just too cool for school, so last year he got himself a new Carrera. He was so happy with it that he made a song about the car and even featured it in this special music video.

In other words, the 911 is now an official rapper car. Spinners and a flat-six anyone? A special song deserves a special ending to the story, so we leave you with the official video and the full lyrics to chew on!

God forgives...I don't
In other words, retaliation is a must!
Boom boom boom boom!

I bow my head, I pray to God
Survival of the fittest: help me hold my chopper lord!
If I die today, on the highway to heaven
Can I let my top down in my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
Financial fanatic, 40 bricks in my attic
400K in my baggage, 80 round automatic
You can't stop a bullet, this one for the money
Secret indictments, Porsche costs me 200

F all these broke n%$^s cause all I do is ball
Ain't no more off days, my crib look like a mall
Fired the stylist, went and bought a big and tall
N%$^s still scheming, but we sliding on 'em all!
I remember picking watermelons
Now the Porsche cost me a quarter million!
If I die tonight I know I'm coming back n$#%
Reincarnated: big black fat n%#$!

F%$ your investigation, study my elevation
Cherry red 911, straight to my destination
Mayweather got a fight, make me some reservations
Knew I flew private n%#$, strapped with no hesitations
Gucci Pucci money long, he got 20 cars
Graduated from them blocks, now it's stocks and bonds
Hoes wanna know, hoes wanna show
They know a n%#$'s name, they know a n%#$'s strong
Fuck wit me!

Fuck your insinuation, work come from Venezuela
Love me some skinny bitches, fat boy just 'bout his paper
Hustle while n%#$s gossip, hating, that switch the topic
Jump in my 911, 2 bricks in my compartment!
She let me smell her p%#$!
I know you smell the money!
Still smell the gunpowder
911: 100 miles and running
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