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Rich Rebuilds' Tesla Bot Pokes Fun at the Company's Weird Proposition

After seeing the weird presentation of a Tesla Bot with CGI and a human dancing on stage, you may be still making up your mind about what the point of that presentation was. Rich Benoit took some time to present his, but it is as fun as usual despite the wait. The Youtuber created his own version of the Tesla Bot and a story based on that. It will make you laugh out loud unless you are a Tesla advocate. If that is the case, you’ll be furious.
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Tesla BotElon Musk announcing the Tesla BotTesla BotTesla BotTesla BotRich Rebuilds Created a Tesla Bot to Mock Tesla
The story begins with the basis for Benoit’s Tesla Bot being dropped from the top of his BMW Clown Shoe. No, that’s not the name of the BMW Z3 M Coupe, but that’s how the Youtuber calls it. Before he clarifies he was carrying the mannequin to his garage, Benoit makes fun of people that do not get it when he is being serious or teasing Tesla.

The video then shows that Elon Musk and Benoit are good friends, sure. It shows Benoit interviewing the Tesla CEO, hanging out with him, and even being carried in Musk’s arms when he was just a baby.

The Youtuber then thanks Musk for all the business tips he got from the Tesla CEO. The main one came from the Roadster Tesla denied to Benoit even after he earned it with the referral program. Benoit shows it was a stroke of genius to present the car in 2017, get $50,000 deposits for it, promising to deliver the vehicle in 2020, and then announce it will only be available in 2023. There you would have a tried-and-tested six-year interest-free loan recipe.

He then teases the Solar Roof and Full Self-Driving as promises that are also unfulfilled. Another business tip Benoit would have gotten from Tesla would be the legal disclaimer exempting it from responsibility in crashes involving Autopilot or FSD. It would avoid lawsuits and compensation payments linked to autonowashing a Level 2 system as Level 4 or superior.

The last business tip Benoit said he got from Tesla was warning about AI dangers when creating a robot with AI, which sounds counterintuitive. However, instead of presenting an actual prototype, the deal would be to show CGI and a person dancing like a robot on a stage.

As we have all seen, the Tesla Bot would be white with a black face when it is actually into production or has a credible prototype. The Youtuber presented that in a way that called our attention to something we had not noticed before: the unpleasant connection the robot’s layout has with blackface and the racism discussion it involves. That’s a business tip of what to avoid.

Before moving into the “construction” process itself, Benoit also teases the role such a robot would have in eliminating jobs. He also says it makes no sense to have a humanoid machine perform repetitive tasks, but that Tesla said it would do it. Therefore, they’ll “blindly follow it, like everyone else.”

At this point of the video – after a short product placement – the advanced robotic skills of Benoit and Steven Salowsky are revealed to the public. Don’t miss where they decide to place the robot’s charger plugs and the conclusion of this story that suddenly turns into a horror movie. It’s good entertainment and acid (and valid) criticism, as usual.

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