Rich Rebuilds Taking the ICE-T to SEMA Show Was Almost as Fun as Being There

Rich Benoit told Alice Visby at the SEMA Show 2021 that the ICE-T project took two years of planning and building. If you are wondering who Visby is, she is the lady you can see in the image above and also a famous pornstar that visited the ICE-T stand. Visitors told Benoit they were really willing to see Leenda, his assistant, but Visby and the ICE-T did not let them leave with signs of disappointment.
Alice Visby Presents the ICE-T at the SEMA Show 2021 13 photos
ICE-T's Final ColorView from Underneath ICE-TSteven Salowsky, Rich Benoit, and Josh Tow the ICE-T to the 2021 SEMA ShowICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Now Has a RadiatorICE-T, the V8 Tesla, Burns Some Gas Before Being Transported to SEMA Show 2021Alice Visby Presents the ICE-T at the SEMA Show 2021
Joking aside, the latest Rich Rebuilds video with the ICE-T shows that getting to SEMA Show was an adventure in itself. Benoit, Steven Salowsky, and Josh loaded the Model S with a combustion engine into a trailer and traveled across the U.S. At some point, they met George, presented as a homeless man with a nice gold chain in need of a ride to Las Vegas. The way the video ends makes it clear they could have chosen another way to take the vehicle to the event, but that would not allow them to have fun with the whole adventure.

Apart from visiting the world’s largest truck station and checking Iowa’s largest frying pan, Benoit and his team faced a tire losing its entire tread on the road. When they arrived in Las Vegas, they took ICE-T to Megan’s Welder, a company that is specialized in tuning motorcycles for drag racing. The company’s name comes after Megan Hill, the bike drag racer Benoit presents in the video beside Mike, her husband.

Mike helped wash, detail, and tune the ICE-T for SEMA, giving it new wheels and a better-looking front grille. Yet, none of the aesthetic changes was comparable to what had already been done to ICE-T to become the Internal Combustion-Engined Tesla.

Benoit mentioned once again the reasons that made him put a 6.2-liter LS3 under what once was the frunk lid of the Model S. The explanation was simple: it was a flooded car, and Tesla does not sell parts for independent repair shops. If it were not for the eBayMotors app, it would have probably turned into junkyard material.

Some Tesla fans have criticized Benoit for “changing perfection” more than once, making us wonder what they define as perfect. Even the more moderate ones said the car was slower and worse. The YouTuber answered that it is faster than when it was underwater polluting drinking water reserves and cooler than ever before.

Proof of that would be a Fox 5 report saying electric cars were the SEMA Show focus this year and presenting the ICE-T. There’s nothing electric about it anymore, as the roar and the fumes escaping from the sides of the V8 Tesla clearly demonstrate. The report seems to mention the Boring Company tunnel in Las Vegas and Benoit mocks it, stating that nobody cared about them driving people "into underground holes."

We’ll soon see the ICE-T moving and making these noises in more situations than just entering the SEMA Show 2021 or getting transferred to a car-carrier truck. Wait for it to receive mechanical improvements and more customization in the future: this is the reason the V8 Tesla was conceived from the very beginning – apart from recycling, of course.

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