RFK's No. 6 Team Gets Heavy Fine, NASCAR Confirms Part Modification

NASCAR wastes no time when it comes to making sure everybody sticks to the rules. Its new penalty system is being applied before and after each race, with no team being spared by the governing body. RFK’s No. 6 team felt almost the full force of the hammer.
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RKF No. 6 Team NASCAR CarRKF No. 6 Team NASCAR CarRKF No. 6 Team NASCAR CarRKF No. 17 Team NASCAR CarRKF No. 6 Team NASCAR Car
The next-gen car has been a debating point for quite some time. NASCAR wanted drivers to give their best and start with equal opportunities from the grid. That’s why they wanted to enforce exact specifications for each participating car. We’re seeing checks being made before each race that use laser systems to detect any kind of change. Everything is measured to the finest degree just so we, the fans, can get a better race out of each event.
NASCAR is also keen on seeing the new rules being respected. That’s why there’s a new set of fines and additional sanctions for everyone involved in racing. Things can go as far as nullifying postseason eligibility, regardless of wins and points!

Roush Fenway Keselowski (RFK) Racing No. 6 team now knows very well the three layers of penalties applicable in 2022. They’ve just got a Layer 2 one that, for now, has put them out of the projected playoffs.

NASCAR says it discovered “the modification of a single source supplied part.” This is one of the violations the governing body confirmed multiple times it won’t ever accept under the new provisions. That’s why RFK’s No. 6 lost 100 driver points and 100 owner points. Crew chief Matt McCall is also benched for the next four Cup Series races and must pay $100,000.

That’s not all. NASCAR also made sure the future won’t be bright for Keselowski’s No. 6. If they manage to get to the playoffs, the racing body will automatically retract a further 10 playoff points!

For now, deterrence looks like it will work. Teams surely took notice of what happened with RFK. NASCAR really wants teams to offer the same exact cars as the rules stipulate. Drivers must do the rest.

Now the RKF No. 6 team is on the 35th spot with only 22 points left, while the leader has 2015 points. At the moment, four out of the 15 Fords are not going to make the playoffs.

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