Revving Your Bike At a Careless Driver Doesn’t Guarantee You Won’t Get Cut Off

Revving Your Bike At a Careless Driver Doesn’t Guarantee You Won’t Get Cut Off 1 photo
Some riders believe loud exhausts save lives. Well, it might help a bit at slow speeds around town to make you heard when coming, but on the highway that doesn’t really work. An alert mind and proper gear are the ones that can save your life.
Our fail motorcycle video series with a valuable lesson to learn continues with this American rider that got cut off on the highway by an inattentive driver. The accident could have been avoided, but the rider took the chance and hoped that revving the bike hard will scare the driver back into her lane.

That’s pretty sad because his reaction time was adequate. As soon as the white 2016 Honda Accord sedan started signaling and begun moving to the left lane, the Triumph Daytona rider started braking.

He then initiated an avoiding maneuver but halfway through he thought he could stop the car from further protruding further into his lane by revbombing the hell our of his bike.

That was a costly mistake, as the female driver had no idea what’s coming, and probably didn’t even hear the revving bike. Modern cars are pretty well sound insulated and you can easily mask outside noise with a few knob turns on the sound system.

What the rider should have done instead was to continue swerving to his left as there was enough space to successfully dodge the car. In the most extreme case, he could have briskly accelerate and even move to the other lane, in front of that slow truck he was riding along with at the moment.

Luckily, the speed at which the impact took place was low and the rider escaped only with some bruised knees. The bike looks intact too but we think there are a few cracks in the fairings. A bent footbrake and brake lever can be counted in too...

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