Revision Military’s Exoskeleton Suit Brings Crysis Game to Real Life

When Crytek released the first game of their famous trilogy back in 2008 few thought this could be more than just a game. Sure, we’re not talking about a first-person shooter that suddenly turns to real life action, but rather about the fact that technology would evolve that much a nanosuit-lookalike would be released seven years later. Believe it or not this is exactly what Essex Junction, a Vermont-based military gear maker is developing as we speak.
Revision Military’s Exoskeleton Suit Brings Crysis to Real Life 1 photo
Wait, why are we writing about a first-person shooter video game released seven years ago? Well, because we like to believe that nothing in this world happens randomly. Just think about it, one of the reasons we now have the greatest stunts in extreme sports (including amateur racing, drifting and whatnot) on tape online is because of the army. It’s because governments all over the world invest millions of dollars in development and technology.

And that’s the point when you start judging us for supporting the war. Sorry folks, we hate war, we despise weapons and we simply like to believe problems can be solved without the use of force. No, this is not our point, we’re simply stating that some of the technology currently available (definitely not all of it) is here thanks to the military. Take the drone industry for instance or any other unmanned vehicle weather it flies, drives or navigates on waters.

Revision’s exoskeleton suit is definitely part of this category, military gear that pushes the limits of technology development. Like we said, the Essex Junction, Vermont-based company develops innovative capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems. Putting it simply, it’s like wearing a full-body suit that protects the human body and enhances the person’s powers and endurance.

The video Revision Military recently released shows a concept they are working at, but parts of the suit are already available online. It might not be as cool as what the folks over at Harvard are developing as we speak, the Soft Exosuit, but it’s still quite impressive.

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