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Returning an Abandoned, 35-foot Lincoln Limo to Service Is One Tough Job

Long-wheelbase limousines are really cool vehicles to ride in. Especially if they're 35-foot-long Lincolns or Cadillacs. They're spacious, most of them are fitted with a couch, a TV, and even a bar. The perfect vehicles to party on the move. However, maintaining and cleaning such a big rig is one tough job.
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35-foot-long Lincoln limo35-foot-long Lincoln limo35-foot-long Lincoln limo35-foot-long Lincoln limo35-foot-long Lincoln limo
The folks over at Junkyard Digs set out to return a 1980s limo that's been sitting for a while to service. The good news is that the engine is still running, but the six-wheeled Lincoln needs a good cleaning inside and out.

It might not sound like a big deal, but washing this thing is a difficult task. First, it barely fits in a car wash booth. At 35 feet long (10.7 meters), this thing is a bit longer as two full-size sedans. And fitting inside the booth is not the only issue. Driving over a slightly steep ramp is a bit of a problem for a car with such a long wheelbase. The floor takes a hit and the Lincoln is just a couple of inches away from getting stuck.

With the body now clean and somewhat shiny, it's time to take care of the interior. Yes, it doesn't usually take long to vacuum and clean a four-door's cabin, but this Lincoln is not your regular compact and midsize. It's probably easier to clean a small house, especially if the interior needs to be dismantled to be fixed in the process.

Luckily enough, these guys have a big enough shop to park the massive limo inside. But it barely fits, leaving very little room in front and behind the car. But they get the job done.

Still, driving this thing isn't all that much fun. Sure, it can hit 50 mph (80 kph) on the highway, which is impressive for a car that's almost as long as bus, but everything is shaking and rattling at that kind of speed. But hey, at least it can do burnouts. With plenty of smoke to impress a pack of drag racers at the strip.

But here's where it gets interesting. The folks at the shop plan on adding 35 pounds of nitrous to the drivetrain. It sounds like a crazy idea, but it's one way to add extra oomph to a car that weighs more than a heavy-duty pickup truck.

And they won't stop here. Apparently they're planning to do an LS swap too, turbos included. It's supposed to happen once the video hits one million views, so go ahead and give them a push toward what may become the craziest 35-foot limo out there.

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