Retro-Styled 1960 Tesla Model X Is a Cybertruck-ed International Scout

It’s been a decade or so already since Tesla came along and forever changed the way people see electric cars. We even dare say that without Tesla, electric cars would have taken a hell of a lot more getting where they are today and probably would have been entirely different in terms of the technologies packed into them.
Tesla Cybertruck meets International Scout in 1960s Model X rendering 1 photo
So yes, the electric revolution you see taking place around you is brand new, an infant even. But how would things have been if carmakers had jumped on board the electron train some decades sooner? Say, circa 1960 or thereabouts.

That’s a question the people over at Chasing Cars asked, and since no one replied, they answered themselves with a set of renderings we’ll be bringing to your screens over the next few days. And since we like to believe Tesla is the one who started it all, we’ll kick it off with that.

The Tesla vehicle chosen to be taken down this retro path is the Model X, the iconic SUV launched in 2015. Because it is so modern, it’s styled the way you know it to be styled. But had it been born in the 1960s, the above rendering is a safe bet on how it would have looked.

The people behind this rendering say they took inspiration when coming up with the design from the soon-to-be game-changing Cybertruck and slapped its squarish lines on elements taken from the International Harvester Scout. Tesla elements were kept, of course, the most important of them being the signature gull-wing doors.

As for what’s meant to power it, it’s up to you to decide, this being an imagination exercise and all. You could go for the electric drivetrains Tesla is now offering, or for the ICE powerplants the Scouts relied on, and it would not make a blind bit of difference.


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