Replacing Your Plate With a Sticker Doesn’t Boost Performance, Gets You Fined

The things some people do to get the most performance out of their cars. One Canadian driver, for instance, thought replacing the front license plate with a sticker would do wonders in this sense.
Cadillac replaces mandatory front license plate with sticker to "improve performance" 3 photos
Cadillac replaces mandatory front license plate with sticker to "improve performance"Cadillac replaces mandatory front license plate with sticker to "improve performance"
Front license plates are not mandatory in all countries or territories. In Canada, for instance, most regions no longer require them, but British Columbia is not one of these regions, as the North Vancouver police would like to remind drivers.

A recent post on North Vancouver RCMP’s Twitter shows the front end of a Cadillac with what looks like a regular, state-issued license plate from the front. From the side, the view is different, revealing that the metal plate has been replaced with a sticker.

According to the police, the driver was pulled over after an officer noticed that the plate “looked off.” It turns out the officer was right: the driver had made a photocopy of the actual license plate and glued it to the car, in what he told the cops was an attempt to “improve the car’s performance.”

“It seems the driver didn't think abiding by traffic laws to be a sign of good performance! No front plate = $109 ticket,” the tweet explains.

While the tweet serves the general purpose of reminding drivers to obey all laws of the road, even those that seem useless like the proper use of front license plates, it did not exactly go well with Canadians. As of the time of writing, most comments to the original post rip into the police for keeping such a heinous criminal off the roads and wisely spending taxpayers’ money by prioritizing which crimes to solve.

Let us take a moment to praise the driver’s creativity, even if it was slightly misused by 1, making him fall foul of the law and 2, not actually do much in terms of improving his Caddy’s performance.


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