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Renntech C63 AMG Bakes Donuts

Everybody loves donuts... children do, adults do, policemen really do, dogs do and the list could could go on forever. However, some donuts come with a special flavor. We, for example, like ours with a little burned rubber toping and it seems that our tastes are also shared by Renntech. The US aftermarket developer has just released a video showing a modified C63 AMG baking some smoky donuts.

Actually, judging by the sideways action in the video we could say that we are in fact dealing with Do Nuts! We have to tell you that the C-Klasse’s rear wheels have received quite a severe punishment. You see, the driver’s right foot can unleash up to 600 hp in this beefed-up C63 AMG.

We can’t help noticing how easy it is for tuners to create such delicious pieces of marketing. Once you have a finished product, you just need to find a parking lot and ask a driver to become tail-happy. From that moment on, it’s all about balancing the throttle and the steering. Of course, you must pay attention to the rear tires, as these will eventually give up.

This is Renntech’s description of the footage: “Here is a peak at the latest video of our in house C63 donut maker which serves up some pretty tasty donuts… Mmmmmmm. The vehicle is a RENNtech modified 600 HP C63 Mercedes which lately has been racking up a huge tire bill with Nitto for your viewing pleasure. No need to worry about calories so enjoy!”


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