Rendering: New 2026 Chrysler Imperial Wants To Make Land Yachts Great Again

2026 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering 9 photos
Photo: Instagram | vburlapp
2026 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept
Do you remember when land yachts were part of America's car culture? Pepperidge Farm remembers, as it wasn't that long ago when rides such as the Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition roamed wild.
However, the industry's push to what seems to be an inevitable battery-electric future, complete with the crossover and SUV frenzy, has sealed their fate. By the looks of it, American land yachts will never reach the same popularity again, and even if they don't we would love to see a brand-new one with a punchy V8 motor under its long hood, even if it costs an absurd amount of money.

Apparently, we are not the only ones who want to see such vehicles again, as several rendering artists share our opinion. Vburlapp is on the list, and the pixel manipulator's proposal is a revival of the Chrysler Imperial. The virtual 2026 model graced the World Wide Web a few hours ago, looking nothing like its iconic predecessors nor the 2006 concept car that never materialized.

Between us, the rendering artist could have chosen any name for this project, and we would've taken it for granted, as Chrysler's modern-day design language is not visible at all. Mind you, that doesn't mean the digital ride is not appealing, as it rocks a classic silhouette with two doors, has frameless side windows by the looks of it, an elegant roofline, and thick rear pillars.

2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept
Photo: Stellantis
It also features muscular shoulders, has a bold rear end defined by thin LED taillights, a clean bumper design with no diffuser attached to it, and the Chrysler logo. The digital artist also went for traditional side mirrors instead of cameras, and gave this car a black paint finish, a beige leather interior, and large alloys with a chrome look for contrast.

We would've loved to see the face, as we reckon it would've been spectacular. We would've also loved to catch a glimpse of the interior and see this virtual ride from multiple other angles. Unfortunately, the guy who put its pixels together and displayed it on social media chose to draw the line here, so we can only imagine what these would have looked like. And they would've been just as spectacular as the muscular and clean back end.

Just so you know, Chrysler does not intend to step into the land yacht game, as their focus is on electric rides, including SUVs. However, we wish a shot-caller at the Stellantis-owned brand sees this rendering and decides to go against the trend and make land yachts great again. The same applies to other American automakers, as these rides must not die. So, would you buy a hypothetical brand-new Chrysler Imperial if it looked like this?

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Editor's note: 2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept pictured in the gallery next to the rendering.

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