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Rendering: MINI Paceman Cabrio

Let's forget, for a second, about how the internal combustion engine works and live the good life. So you just dropped about €30,000 on the new MINI Paceman. This means you're quite well off but also young and maybe a bit self-conscious.
MINI Paceman Cabrio 1 photo
That means you play sports to keep in shape, like tennis or even golf. After a nice morning's practice with your friends, you're going to throw your gear in the back and leave the county club.

Wouldn't it be much better if you could just throw the racket in the back seat? Now that's the good life. Of course, the Paceman was designed to be a crossover, and as we've learned from Nissan, crossover convertibles are quite ugly. But actually, a Paceman drop-top would be good because it would offer you more space in the back.

At 4,110mm long (161.8 inches), the Paceman is still very small and from some angles cute as well. If they haven't thought out their ten-strong roster of cars, MINI could just dell this car instead.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design


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