Rendering: BMW X6 Convertible. Could It Become Reality?

The second generation X6 came forward with a new-old face that surprised. It’s both new and old because it's remarkably similar to the X5, with the headlights connected to a huge kidney grille up front. Even so, BMW’s intention of making it more luxurious is visible everywhere else.
BMW X6 Convertible 1 photo
You get plenty more exclusive materials inside the cabin and a new, layered design for the dash, as well as new seats and a plethora of new technology that brings the X6 nameplate in the current day and age.

However, Sport Activity Coupe’s will always be frowned upon by most people because of their rather unconventional look. They are supposed to be 4-door Coupes with SUV characteristics, something that sounds more like a creation of Frankenstein rather than a proper car.

Furthermore, if there’s something this tells us is that being bold works. BMW risked launching the X6 8 years ago and succeeded and is now taking an even bigger leap of faith launching a smaller version and the second iteration of the original.

Seeing as the Bavarians won’t stop entering any possible niche with their recent expansion, automotive manipulator, Theophilus Chin decided to offer a suggestion.

Therefore, he took the new X6 and gave it the Murano CC treatment. What, you don’t know what the Murano CC is? Well, it’s not surprising, considering just how ‘popular’ it was (or still is...).

The Murano is basically the only convertible SUV made at the moment. It has 2 doors and a retractable soft roof while also keeping the bulky size in check. That’s what Theophilus tried with the X6 here.

While the proportions look ok and the rendering is quite good, we can’t possibly imagine BMW making such a ‘creature’. If the Murano was considered too big to be folding its roof, imagine how the crowd would react to the X6 that is even bigger.

Furthermore, as you can see, the car in the rendering has only 2 doors and not nearly enough room in the back for the roof to be stowed away. That means that a real-life model would have to have huge doors and a different shape at the back to accommodate the entire roof in the boot. Therefore, a working drop-top X6 would be looking even worse.

If we were to have a say in this matter, and if BMW was keen to make a convertible SUV, we’d pick the X4 to do so. It’s smaller and could be turned into such a project easier. Not to mention the smaller doors it would require.
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