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Rendering: BMW 235tii Touring

With BMW shouting loud and clear that the current 2 Series is the modern incarnation of the legendary 2002tii model, everyone started looking back into the company’s history and checking out what made that car so special.
BMW 235tii Touring Rendering 1 photo
Apart from being available with a turbocharged petrol engine (an extremely rare sight back then and Europe’s first production model to use such technology) it was widely known as a very exciting car to drive, one that would connect you to the road in the best way possible.

Of course, that was a different period and the demands from such a car were less restrictive, as the competition between the traditional 3 German brands we know as premium today, was far less ferocious.

Panning back to the current day, BMW faces a stiffer competition not only on the home front from the usual contenders but also on a worldwide level from manufacturers from Asia and the US. That’s why it had to step up its game.

The 2 Series is the economy performance car from Bavaria at the moment, offering unbelievable specs for a more than adequate price tag, even though some people consider it part of a niche that wasn’t necessary.

Even so, there’s still room for more, as automotive manipulator, Theophilus Chin seems to think. He just put together a rendering named BMW 235tii Touring, clearly inspired by the 2002tii Touring model of the 70s.

The Touring was intended as a more practical car, with a different body style that allowed drivers to fit in more luggage and offered more headroom in the back.

Theophilus did a great job too, mixing in parts of the 2 Series decked with the M Performance bits and pieces, parts of the 1 Series Hatch and a bit of imagination. The end result is quite good, check it out and let us know if BMW should make one of these!


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