Rendering: 2015 BMW F16 X6

If you go around various forums or meetings of true, diehard BMW fans, most of them will look at you in disgust if you bring up the only Sport Activity Coupe in the world, right now, the X6. That’s because in many people’s minds it’s an utter disgrace.
BMW F16 X6 Rendering 1 photo
Photo: Automobile Magazine
A lot of old-school drivers, most of the people that buy BMW’s for their driving feel and dynamics, consider that making a coupe-like SUV is simply an abomination. Some sort of Frankenstein monster. And it is.

Let’s face it, the X6 doesn’t have any practical meaning. All that extra metal and the big roof and 2,000 kilo weight doesn’t actually serve to a purpose. The car looks weird and it’s definitely uncomfortable.

However, a lot of people are buying it, especially in Russia. Why is that? Because of what it represents. That car says that you can afford to spend a lot of money of a vehicle that isn’t necessarily the most practical in the world. It says that you don’t really care about money and about $100,000 is nothing for so you decided to spend it on a useless car. Fine by me!

Fine by BMW too, since they decided to keep going with the X6 and replace it in the near future with an updated version, on pace with the current trends, that will, most likely, use the same platform as the new X5.

Other things will also be shared, like the front fascia and the engines, I’m pretty sure. Therefore, we’re about to see a new X5 with a different back end, the essence of the X6. Hopefully, the new car will sort out the problems a lot of people reported about the headroom in the back.

As for the engines, we’ll be seeing the usual line-up focused on 3-liter and 4.4-liter units, both for normal model and for the M versions. The question in everyone’s mind is whether the Bavarians will also launch a hybrid model, just like on the X5. My guess is that the answer to that question is yes.

That’s because the ever tightening regulations in Europe will force the company to go this way, to be able to keep making cars. As for a 2-liter 4-cylinder unit, I’m not that sure.

Since the X4 will also be launched later this week, becoming the second SAC in BMW’s line-up, the X6 had to grow, to make room. According to recent rumors, the original SUV Coupe will grow with this new generation, from 4,877 mm to 4,910 mm, boasting interior space as well.

Rendering via Automobile Magazine
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