Renault Twizy Towing Tesla Model X Is One Way of Showing EV Torque

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Photo: YouTube screenshot
Everybody knows the three things that make electric vehicles special: they are extremely silent, they have zero tailpipe emissions (and also zero tailpipes), and they have the ability to deliver maximum torque from zero rpm.
Everybody knows their limitations too - limited range, long recharge times, very rapid battery depletion at high speeds, quite expensive and usually very heavy. We said "usually" because there are also electric vehicles such as the Renault Twizy.

The Twizy isn't available in every market, so some of you might not be aware of its existence. Even though it is street-legal, the Twizy is not technically a car, but a quadricycle. But that won't keep it from going as fast as 80 km/h (50 mph), which will seem like double that from the inside.

That's because the Twizy has windowless doors (or no doors at all) and what feels like absolutely no damping system. It's also very narrow with the driver and a maximum of one passenger sitting in tandem. That being said, the tiny EV is fun as hell in the city where it can make use of its dimensions and perky acceleration off the line.

And the city is where you're most likely to see the Twizy - that is if you pay close attention because it's so small you might miss it. The last place you would expect to find it, though, is at the business end of a trailer holding a Tesla Model X electric SUV.

The Tesla is known for quite a few things, among which is winning a drag race against an Alfa Romeo 4C while also towing one. It's also famously porky, weighing 5,400 lb (around 2.45 tons), which means the only drag race this Renault Twizy towing the beast is going to win is against a drunken snail. If it manages to move the trailer in the first place.

The unorthodox challenge happened at the Bundestwizytreffen 2017, a meet-up for Twizy owners in Germany. It appears the small EV from Renault had what it took to pull the American behemoth, but as we saw it drive past the group of people clapping and filming, we started worrying it might not have the brakes to also come to a stop. We'll leave you on that cliffhanger and invite you to watch the clip.

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