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Renault Twizy New Promo Videos Released

How do you take your date home in your Renault Twizy? You don’t. She brings her own Twizy along and you guys race each other, responsively and economically, of course.
Renault Twizy promo 1 photo
That’s the first thing we learned from watching the latest promo videos from the French carmaker regarding the EV.

Renault wants to create a lifestyle around the Twizy, so it chose posh people who wear black framed eyeglasses, bracelets for men and those perforated leather shoes with no laces. Yeah, hipsters!

Considering the videos contain words like ‘swageristic” and “bootie”, it’s fair to say they’ve gone a little bit over the top. But then you have to in order to sell electric cars with no doors and seats with drain holes in them.

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