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Renault Twingo Gets EDC Automatic Transmission on 0.9 Turbo Models

We knew it was coming; we just didn't know when - the Renault Twingo is finally available with an EDC transmission. It makes life a lot easier for people who don't like to change gears or aren't good at it.
Renault Twingo Gets EDC Automatic Transmission on 0.9 Turbo Models 3 photos
Renault Twingo Gets EDC Automatic Transmission on 0.9 Turbo ModelsRenault Twingo Gets EDC Automatic Transmission on 0.9 Turbo Models
The gearbox is a compact six-speed twin-clutch automatic that's shared with the smart fortwo and forfour. In Britain, the Twingo offers this as a £900 option on two trim levels that are equipped with the 0.9-liter turbo engine, the more powerful of two units available.

Of course, smart also offers the gearbox with the cheaper and less powerful 1-liter non-turbo unit, but maybe Renault knows its customers better.

Starting at £12,595, the Twingo Dynamique TCe90 is not exactly the cheapest car you can buy with an automatic gearbox. I think you can pick up a new 108 with what Peugeot calls a 2-Tronic' for £10,495. The Skoda Citigo triplets cost about the same, and the £10,815 Hyundai i10 is also noticeably cheaper.

However, none of these cars has the power and torque of Renault's 0.9-liter turbo. And yes, it does feel odd to praise such a small engine.

None of the Twingo's rivals has a twin-clutch setup either. While one cog is engaged, the next one is ready, and this makes changes faster. Also, the Hyundai uses a conventional auto with only four speeds.

The transmission’s “creep” function also helps the driver in crawling traffic, pulling away gradually when the brake pedal is released. All models also come with Hill Start Assist as standard, ensuring safe hill starts when partnered with the “creep” system.

We don't want to state the obvious here, but there's another huge difference between the Twingo and its rivals - the engine placement. After 22 years on the market, Renault completely changed the formula with help from Daimler. The engine sits at the back, right under the trunk floor. That means there's more room at the front, which engineers used to increase the angle at which the wheels turn.

The car is offered in a choice of four vibrant colors - light blue, white, yellow and red - which are also found scattered through the funky interior. Changes have also been made to the Twingo’s specification, with six-spoke 15 inch Ariane alloy wheels becoming standard on Dynamique trim.


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