Renault to Rethink Philosophy Behind Laguna, Espace and Scenic

Renault will make a major departure from what its customers have gotten used to, with the next Laguna, Espace and Scenic models, all of which will get a much-needed injection of style and design flair.
Renault R-Space Concept 1 photo
For the next Scenic, Renault has stated that a lot of inspiration will be taken from the R-Space concept, which was extremely well received, back when it was first shown, at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. They have realized that style is actually a top priority for many of their buyers, and they will adjust their future products accordingly. However, Renault are very aware of the fact that old MPV buyers are now looking for something different - a crossover, so a ‘more sturdy’ vehicle, with ‘genuine off-road ability’, which will most likely be based on the Scenic itself.

Now, while the current Laguna is probably the single best car they’ve made in a long time, it fails to impress with its bland and slightly awkward styling, as well as the interior which may have moved up in quality considerably, is still far from class-leading. The next Laguna will not change too much in terms of layout and general idea, but it will be a much more style-driven automobile, as a proper French car should, we say.

Next up is the Espace, which has now reached its fourth generation, yet again, Renault will adjust the concept, to better fit the needs of current buyers, who, as previously mentioned are leaving MPVs, in favour of crossovers - the next Espace may be just that. The French giant is expected to launch these new models around the turn of the decade, so we still have to wait a few years to see the fruits of their labour.

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