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Renault Testing Captur Coupe, Might Get RS Version

 Sport Activity Coupe fever has struck even the French automakers. The Captur, which is one of Renault's best selling models, will get a lifestyle version with a chopped roof.
Renault Captur 1 photo
The story is not based on some wacky rendering, but on actual spyshots. We're not going to share them with you guys, as they belong to French magazine Auto Plus. However, we will share a screenshot we found on Facebook.

It all has to do with the new CMF-B platform, which will underpin the new Clio at the end of 2018. Followed by the Captur in 2019. This Captur Coupe is said to arrive in 2020, so we're sure to get our own spyshots by then.

As the name suggests, we're dealing with another one of those 4-door crossovers with a sloped roof. The outcome isn't particularly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. But maybe by 2020, we'll be brainwashed into thinking cars are supposed to look that way. After all, convertible SUVs seemed like the dumbest idea ever, but Land Rover is making big money with the Evoque.

The Captur Coupe will be about 4.3 meters long and will slot in the range between the regular Captur and the bigger Kadjar, both regarding cost and size. The powertrains will be chared with other Renault models, including the 1.5 dCi and the new 1.3 TCe.

However, the big headline here is that there could be an RS version as well, offering 200 horsepower while the Clio RS is bumped up to 225 HP. So does that mean it will have the new 1.8-liter?

We were initially curious why Renault would make such a small coupe-SUV. However, the report claims the chopped Captur will start at €20,000. So not only will it make money for the company, but it will also undercut virtually everything of this shape. However, the VW T-Roc starts at about €20,500 so it's going to be pretty close.


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