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Renault Prepares to Phase Out Renault-branded Dacia Models In Russia, Brazil

Ever since Renault got its hands on Dacia, the low-cost Romanian automaker couldn’t say no to badge-engineering. This is how the Sandero hatchback, Logan sedan, Logan MCV station wagon, and Duster crossover went on to bear the Renault logo in places such as Russia and Brazil.
Renault Duster and Dacia Duster 8 photos
2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec2018 Dacia Duster UK-spec
After years of doing business this way, the French automaker prepares to rollback the decision “in a bid to go upmarket.” According to Laurens van der Acker, the practice will be phased out. Speaking to Automotive News at the 2018 Moscow Auto Show, the design chief claims that his goal is “to have a global Renault lineup.”

The arrival of the Arkana coupe crossover in Russia is the first step of this upmarket move, and Renault representatives in Europe are advocating for bringing the newcomer to the Old Continent. Even though it is approximately the same size as the Captur, the Arkana is based on the B0 vehicle architecture that underpins the Dacia lineup and Kaptur.

“Wait, so you’re telling me the Arkana is a move towards the high-end of the crossover segment but Renault chose to use a low-cost platform? Talk about double standards!” The reality, however, is that the B0 is cheaper to manufacture than the B vehicle architecture, making the Arkana appealing to cost-conscious customers. Once again, there’s an obvious discrepancy between what Renault wants and what the French automaker delivers.

Turning our attention back to the Dacia brand, next year will see the Sandero and Logan transition to the CMF-B vehicle architecture that will be shared with the Nissan Juke. There’s even talk about complete electrification, but that will have to wait until well into the next decade.

As for the Duster, Automotive News was told by Van den Acker that the crossover is likely to remain in the global lineup of Renault because “it’s one of our best-selling cars.” In Europe, for example, the year 2017 saw the Duster move 145,682 units. On the flip side, the Sandero claimed the top spot with 194,996 sales.


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