Renault Is Enhancing Its Euro 6 Diesels for Lower CO2 and NOx Emissions

Renault has announced they will start manufacturing diesel engines with reduced CO2 and NOx emissions starting this July.
Renault Kadjar front grille 6 photos
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Renault 1.6 dCi Euro 6 diesel engine on RHD KadjarRenault 1.6 dCi Euro 6 diesel engine on RHD KadjarRenault KadjarRenault 1.6 dCi Euro 6 diesel engine on RHD KadjarRenault 1.6 dCi Euro 6 diesel engine
The measure will be applied to all Renault factories that produce Euro 6 diesel engines, and it is a voluntary act of the French company. Furthermore, customers that already took delivery of their Euro 6 diesel vehicles can get a retrofit for free at local dealers of the brand starting this October.

The improvements in the Euro 6b diesel engines made by Renault consist of extending the operating range of the EGR systems, as well as improving the NOx trap. Together, these improvements reduce the CO2 and the NOx emissions of the engines they are applied to.

Renault has explained that they managed to double the operating range at the full efficiency of the EGR systems, without affecting reliability or safe operation of the engine.

Concerning the NOx trap, Renault says they enhanced its performance by increasing the efficiency and the frequency of the purges through a “more robust system.” The latter is there for improved management of emission control systems in a broad range of driving conditions.

The described improvements can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in the extended EGR zone by half, the carmaker says in a press release. All new Euro 6b Diesel engines from Renault will feature these elements as standard starting with the cars manufactured in July 2016.

Renault has chosen to improve diesel emissions control systems as a step forward in adopting the future “Real Driving Emissions” protocol, also known as RDE. Currently, the French company is preparing for the Euro 6d standard, planned to become mandatory in September 2017 for newly approved types of vehicles.

These cars will have to comply with European emissions regulations in the RDE driving cycle. The Euro 6d engines will also have reduced CO2 and NOx emissions when compared to their Euro 6b and 6c counterparts.
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