Remote-Controlled Airplane Upgrades to Live Streaming Drone and It’s Amazing , Photos

Remote Control Air Plane Upgrades to Live Streaming Drone and It’s Amazing 11 photos
Photo: Kickstarter
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About two years ago, pilot and industrial designer Shai Goitein came up with a way to turn any paper airplane into a remote-controlled drone by simply attaching a device to it. Now, he has partnered up with world famous drone maker Parrot to create a first-person view craft you can control with your phone.
With this thing, you can virtually ride on your own paper airplane while enjoying the view. Dubbed PowerUp FPV, it’s marketed as the first ever paper airplane drone with a live streaming camera. Why would you need something like that? Because you can and because there’s no man alive who wouldn’t want to experience flying his own aircraft on this planet.

In a way, this device lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your own paper airplane. Instead of some fancy Virtual Reality goggles, you wear your smartphone with a head-mounted display (thanks to the Cardboard viewer that is included). This way, you see just what the plane sees while you control it with intuitive movements of your head.

Live streaming works at a distance of up to 300 feet (91 meters), and optional features also allow the user to record what the camera catches. Using the goggles is one way to fly this thing, a gamepad is the other. The latter involves using manual touch control on your phone instead. Feeling lazy? No problem, just press the external button on the HMD and activate the autopilot mode. Wait, autopilot like Tesla’s autopilot software? Not really, but close.

The onboard computer and sensors ensure a smooth flight, enabling features easy to control, such as stalling, spiral dives and crashing prevention, easy takeoff in any launch style and crash detection that stops blades. Its battery allows up to 10 minutes of continuous flight time while its top speed is set at 20 mph.

Even though it’s 59 days away from ending, the Kickstarter campaign for this project has already surpassed its $40,000 goal with almost $40,000 (at the moment of writing this). It means production should start next April and the shipping to backers in June. The FPV Standard Package is priced at $179, which is about the same amount of cash you’ll need to get one for yourself.

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