Remembering the Time When You Could Buy a Bugatti Bike for Over $75K: Wait, You Still Can

So, this one time, Bugatti decided they would build 667 branded bicycles, customizable to Bugatti owners' needs and wants, typically styled after their vehicles. This is the story of what can be considered one of the most expensive bikes on the planet, which seems fitting considering the price of a Chiron nears $3 million.
Bugatti x PG Bike 13 photos
Photo: PG via TheArsenale
Bugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG BikeBugatti x PG Bike
Folks, you may have heard about that time when Bugatti, the supercar manufacturer, decided to give the green light on a bicycle project that would ultimately lead to one of the most expensive cycle lineups on the planet, the Bugatti PG bike. It was unveiled back in 2017 at the Geneva International Motor Show, and since then, it seems that no one has heard a dang thing about this bike.

Nonetheless, this doesn't stop us from exploring precisely what Bugatti and PG were charging upwards of $75,500 (€77,500 at current exchange rates) for. Yes, custom jobs were rumored to reach as high as $75K, sometimes more, depending on the sort of attention you chose. If you weren't as financially endowed as an oil tycoon, you could still pick up a standard version for under $40K (€41,000 at current exchange rates).

But what the hell would you have gotten for this sort of cash? Clearly, the name Bugatti on your two-wheeler should have been enough to raise the price of this bike well into the thousands, but in all reality, there is so much more than meets the eye with this one.

Bugatti x PG Bike
Photo: PG via TheArsenale
Sure, quite a bit of that price is all based on brand prestige and history, but once I got into the thick of things, I realized that PG, the luxury cycle developer from Germany, brought their best work to the table. After all, that's what this crew is known for achieving; the design was theirs and Bugatti's doing. Another group involved in the work is also from Deutschland, Kussmaul, which, you know, has had extensive run-ins with Bugatti, and if you happen ever to buy this - as it seems you still can, for at least $55K - this is where your two-wheeler will be built.

As you would expect from a machine priced well into the tens of thousands, it is built out of nothing more than carbon fiber. A whopping 95% of the entire bike is made from the stuff, including that carbon drive belt. I think the belt sprockets are just about the only thing that isn't carbon. Other than that, the saddle, the frame, the seat stay, cranks, fork, rims, spokes, all of it, nothing but carbon fiber.

The result? A rather visually stunning and stylishly clean machine. Look at it, for god's sake, and I mean really look at it. Have you noticed how there's only one seat stay and only one chain stay? Have you remarked the inverted triangle tube shape of the entire frame? What about that rather bulky fork that probably weighs as much as the fork you eat your noodles with? I mean it. In all, this entire contraption weighed less than 5 kilograms (11 pounds). That's lighter than some bicycles designed to bring home gold medals, and this puppy was built to ride around town.

Bugatti x PG Bike
Photo: PG via TheArsenale
Yes, it is nothing more than an urban bike, but considering its price, it comes across as a two-wheeler that I'd never ride. Ok, maybe once, but after that, it's up on the wall with this one, preferably sealed in an airtight chamber to keep it as pristine as possible.

Just think about it; how many people do you think bought one of these buggers? Hell, with a price that could reach $75K or more, it's the sort of bicycle that is well out of the average human's reach. I'm sure some oil sheik picked up one of these, but the average Joe, like myself, would be happy just touching this beauty.

I have but one request: if you, the reader, happen to know of the existence of one of these bikes, please let me know. There needs to be an interview, as the owner probably owns a Bugatti ride too, and that's worthy of autoevolution news.

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