Remember Ex President George W. Bush’s DUI Charge? This Is How It Happened

A Driving Under the Influence charge George W. Bush received back in 1976 clouded his 2000 US presidential campaign, but, after he admitted to the charges just days ahead of the poll, he managed to become the president of United States. Australian tennis legend John Newcombe, who was the one to unveil the information, has kept quiet ever since. This Thursday, however, the man told the entire story on a radio station in Melbourne.
George W. Bush and tennis legend John Newcombe in 2013 1 photo
Photo: AFP Photo/Bob Levey
When you’re running for presidency every single flaw in your past might cost you votes and this was exactly the case with the former president of U.S. George W. Bush who was pretty close to loosing his oval office in the White House in 2000, when information of an DUI charged leaked in the media. Bush eventually decided it’s better to admit what happened and the case was closed. Until yesterday, that is.

For some reason, after 14 years, Australian tennis legend John Newcombe decided it was time to tell people the entire story. He told Melbourne commercial radio station SEN this Thursday that he was with the Bush family that night, as a guest of George H. W. Bush, who was then director of CIA.

The two were similar ages so even though they did’t know each other they went for a beer at a local pub, along with Newcombe’s wife, Bush’s younger sister and Peter Roussel, then press secretary to George H.W. Bush, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"George was a bit of a party boy in those days"

George was a bit of a party boy in those days. I noticed that George was sort of eyeing me off. A put on a bit of pace and he’d keep pace with me. A little silent game was going on. After about four of these, I picked the glass up in my teeth without my hand and skulled it straight down and I said: ‘What are you made of, George’ And so he had to do that,” Newcombe said of George W. Bush.

Later on, the two got back in their car and Newcombe’s wife Angie offered to drive but Bush insisted he was fine. After a couple of miles they’ve got pulled over and Bush ended up getting a ticket. According to the Wimbledon champ, later on the two even joked around the incident saying it will hunt George for all his life. Funny thing is it actually did and decades later the story broke during the presidential campaign.

Bush, who was fined $150 dollars over the offense, gave up drinking in the 1980s.
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