Reimagined 1980 Honda CB650C Is a Simple, Yet Seriously Fetching Custom Affair

From its svelte silhouette to the classy paintwork, there are plenty of things to love about this showstopper.
Custom 1980 Honda CB650C 9 photos
Custom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650CCustom 1980 Honda CB650C
Istanbul-based Bunker Custom Cycles is an outfit whose builds we’ll eagerly talk about whenever we get the chance. Mert and Can Uzer are capable of working miracles with just about every commission they receive, regardless of what donor they start with or in which direction they’ll choose to take their project.

Join us for a quick examination of this restyled Honda CB650C, and you won’t find it hard to understand why we’re so fond of Bunker’s work! The Turkish moto doctors started with a 1980 model, which they promptly stripped naked of its factory attire. Next, Can and Mert decided to amputate the motorcycle’s subframe, thus making room for a looped substitute fabricated in-house.

A stylish two-up saddle can be seen atop this unit, and those aluminum fenders were built using an English wheel. The same tool had been employed when it came to manufacturing the side panels, but you’ll notice that the bike’s fuel tank is still stock. All these goodies wear a mixture of teal blue and black paint, along with gold Bunker logos on both side covers.

The Turks added a modern D.I.D drive chain to match the new color scheme, then it was time for them to address the CB650C’s posture. In order to give it a sportier stance, they lowered the forks by about 1.4 inches (35 mm) and installed a longer pair of progressive shocks at the rear.

Moreover, the standard Comstar wheels were cloaked in Firestone rubber, and every lighting component got swapped with aftermarket hardware. A single Acewell dial, LSL clip-ons, and bar-end mirrors can be found in the cockpit, which looks delightfully clean following Bunker’s transformation.

To breathe new life into the 626cc inline-four engine, the BCC duo gave it a complete makeover before applying the final touches. These come in the form of premium K&N air filters and a heat-wrapped four-into-two exhaust system ending in Emgo silencers. Although it may not be as extensive as some of the Uzer brothers’ other projects, this stunning CB650C is sure to turn heads and drop countless jaws.


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