Regular Car Reviews Guys Show Their Faces: Mr. Regular and Roman Blow Their Cover

This is it, people! Mr. Regular can no longer run away from the things he says in the Regular Car Reviews episodes once he returns to normal life - the latest episode of the show sees both Mr. R and his fellow car story builder Roman revealing their faces.
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What caused the two to pull this (almost) unprecedented move in the history of the show? A Ford 302 (that’s the five-oh, you Europeans) V8 HO engine destined for their 1960 Ford Falcon project.

We’re kidding of course. According to Mr. Regular’s Reddit confessions, “It is inevitable. It is harder and harder to shoot videos while constantly ducking the camera and blurring faces. We will release a video about tearing-down a Ford 302 V8 for our Falcon. We constantly moved around the engine stand, grabbing tools, pulling air lines around, ducking, squatting and talking. Our faces are in the video, there's no way around it.

Truth be told, those of you who wanted to see the faces behind RCR only needed to look in the right place, as the second video below, which dates back to 2013, demonstrates.

Thankfully, we are far from being experts in evaluating male beauty. Nevertheless, judging by the YouTube comments that seem to have shown up instantly after the upload, Mr. Regular is quite handsome.

In a less... objectifying detail, you should know that both guests have a strong background as journalists, which perfectly explains why the pieces of the RCR puzzle seem to fit so well.

We can’t invite you to watch the video without giving you Mr. Regular’s answer to the obvious question - will future RCR episodes be all about the portraits of the two hosts?

No. We won't turn the camera on ourselves. The episodes will look the same they always looked, the only difference will be a glimpse of me (Mr. R) and Roman from time to time - a mirror refection here or a pan shot there,” the R man explains.

Don’t want to spoil all the fun you’re having with the mysterious side of RCR? It’s simple, you just have to refrain from clicking the “play” button below.

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