Redhead Takes a Ride in Monster Shelby Daytona

If you’re looking for some serious information about how to tune your Shelby or how to build if from chicken wire and a Chevy Nove, you’ve come to the wrong place. All we’ve got for you Cobra fans today is the hottest girl ever to sit in one of these cars.
Kelly Divine 1 photo
This sexy readhead is riding along in the most awesome custom-built Factory 5 Shelby Type 65 replica that we’ve ever seen. The red of the painjob is somewhat matched by the fiery redhead sitting in the passenger seat. You really have to tip your hat for the guys at High Tech Covette for the selfless work they do for the benefit of Youtube surfers and car nuts alike.

You also have to tip your hat to our team at autoevolution, since we’ve been able to determine with over 50% certainty that the lovely lady with ample... talents is miss Kelly Divine. She’s currently in Los Angeles and is a “model, actress and dirty movie Extraordinaire,” according to her blog. We needn't say more, right?

Editor’s note: Listen to that supercharger whine... oh wait, it’s her.

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