Red Bull Devises an Inter-Sports Challenge Between Rugby and Formula One

Formula One would definitely need some excitement injected into it, but we never would have thought that might have something to do with another sport, one that has plenty of it: rugby.
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We’re not going to start that old debate of football (yes, the American one) versus rugby because it’s pointless: they’re both two very different sports that are very enjoyable to watch, each in its own way. If we can agree that rugby is a beautiful sport and that the players deserve all the respect in the world, then we can move on.

As for Formula One... well, you could say the non-MERCEDES-AMG PETRONAS drivers are worthy of our respect as well for not giving up even though it was obvious they stood no chance in the season that ended last year. Showing up to a battle that’s already lost takes a lot of nerve, and so we can tip our hats to these guys for persevering.

Now, thanks to Red Bull, these two sports meet in an unlikely challenge. We get to find out the answer to one of those questions nobody ever asked: who would win between a Formula One car and a rugby scrum.

In the red... bull corner, resting on a patch of asphalt, is the world championship-winning RB8 Red Bull 2012 single-seater driven by Australian pilot Daniel Ricciardo. In the blue corner, dressed in black and digging their studs deep into a very British green pitch is the Bath rugby eight-man pack.

Place your bets now, as the two (well, nine) are about to start a push-of-war in a man versus machine where the former is clearly at a disadvantage to the latter. The Red Bull race car packs 750 hp, so the Bath boys have a mountain to climb ahead of them.

However, they seem very confident. They probably know that despite the huge tires, the car won’t be able to put all that power down and, even more importantly, its torque at low revs must not be that impressive. Or is it? We’re not going to spoil the surprise for you, as the whole battle - complete with the preparations - makes for a very pleasant watch (as we’ve come to expect from Red Bull).

At the end, Daniel Ricciardo even demonstrates his rugby skills (he’s an Australian after all) and knocks over the camera with a well-taken punt. The camera didn’t enjoy it that much, but the rugby players sure seemed appreciative of the effort.

Watch the preview down below and head over here for the full clip.

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