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Reckless High-Speed Overtaking Doesn't End Well

Riding a motorcycle is definitely not the safest thing one can do, since there’s virtually no barrier between the rider and the multiple obstacles which may cross his or her road, even on a casual day’s ride. However, when adding speeding and reckless behavior to the equation, the chances that things end up in a bad way are skyrocketing.
Reckless High-Speed Overtaking Doesn't End Well 1 photo
These two guys seem to enjoy living on the edge and exercise little to no care at all when it comes to high-speed overtaking maneuvers. Suffice to say that such riding manner is a dangerous thing on every road, so adding the fact that the footage appears to have been shot on a Russian highway would only make things worse, give the huge amount of crazy crashes we get to see in that part of the world.

The bikes are clearly doing more than a few extra miles over the legal speed limit, but it looks like recklessness plays the key role in this crash, both from the rider on the camera bike and from the Volvo SUV driver.

There is no telling, unfortunately, whether the Volvo rider would have noticed the incoming bike earlier should it have been in the second lane, instead of shooting out from between two cars. And if you think the distance between the two cars the motorbike squeezed through and the point where the Volvo turns is so big, go out, ride your machine at 150 km/h (93 mph) and see how fast you cover such distances. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised if you envisage an obstacle in your way…

All in all, this video is one more proof that weaving in and out the traffic is bad. Bad for the bike, bad for the rider, bad for his insurance company record and the “bad for” list can go on…


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