Recent Rumors Talk about a BMW 9 Series Concept

Looking over the recent developments at BMW, talk about a new model for a new niche wouldn’t surprise basically anyone at this point. After throwing the legacy and DNA of the brand to the bin with its first front-wheel-drive model, we’re now open for anything the press throws at us.
BMW CS Concept 1 photo
The latest rumors about a new Bimmer, surprisingly, don’t focus around a possible competitor for the S-Class Coupe, a stunning car that will have its own fan-club in no time. They speak of a possible bigger model, one that would become the company’s flagship: the 9 Series.

As preposterous as it sounds, Auto Motor und Sport is pretty sure that the Concept for this car will be launched at the Beijing Auto Show, this month, showcasing the direction in which the company is heading, based on the lightweight G11 platform that will underpin the upcoming 7 Series.

It all sounds like a big April’s Fools prank, right? Well, there are a couple of reasons why such a car could actually happen, one of them concerning the company’s main rival from Stuttgart.

After Maybach went out of production a new void was created just above the 7 Series, S-Class and A8 segment, one that would cater to extremely wealthy people that want more than generous size and luxury. That segment will soon get the a new S-Class model, one that would offer similar specs to the retired Maybach brand, translating into a huge limousine.

The Bavarian brand doesn’t have a car for this segment either. The long wheelbase 7 Series offers a lot of space but it’s not nearly enough for what a Maybach successor could bring. That’s when the 9 Series rumors somewhat start making sense.

Furthermore, in China, longer and bigger means better. Always. According to some studies, it’s a matter of respect in the Asian country, the respect you’re showing to your passengers. Thus, a Beijing launch would make even more sense, as China could very well be the main market for such a car.

Last year, back in December, we also heard another interesting rumor, saying basically the same thing: a rival for a bigger S-Class could become reality in the future, following in the footsteps of the E38 L7 model that was actually huge back in the day, decked with everything you could wish for. If back then the L7 was built in limited numbers due to its exclusive character, the new car could very well have a completely different faith.

As far as a comparison with the Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe goes, that car would be more likely to take the shape of a revived BMW 8 Series and not a huge, larger than life 9 Series. We’re still hoping to see the legendary 8er brought back to life and, hopefully, wearing some Pininfarina stripes, to take on the S-Class Coupe.


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