Recent Lane-Splitting Stunt Shows Some of the Dumbest Things Bikers Do to One Another

Reddit Lane-Splitting Stunt Footage 7 photos
Photo: Reddit Screenshot/ r/IdiotsInCars/ u/Oh_Kerms
Reddit Lane-Splitting Stunt videoReddit Lane-Splitting Stunt videoReddit Lane-Splitting Stunt videoReddit Lane-Splitting Stunt videoReddit Lane-Splitting Stunt videoReddit Lane-Splitting Stunt video
We all love solo rides on the country roads and hill passes, but there's an unexplainable niceness that comes with riding with your crew – bikes or cars. That's why car meets and bike meets are so popular. But in every car or bike meet, there's an idiot ready to spoil the euphoria of driving in drones. In a recent video posted on Reddit, that person's name is Ricky.
The poster, a young woman, was riding her motorbike with her crew before they got to a stop. One of the perks of riding a motorbike in traffic is lane-splitting. Which loosely refers to riding your motorbikes between clearly marked lanes for traffic moving (slowly) in the same direction.

She lane-splits before Ricky comes plowing through behind her. What follows next is a series of insults and berating we'd rather not publish. He comes out defensive, arguing that he was lane-splitting, but that's absurd considering the poster was directly in front of him.

According to the rider, they had their headsets connected, but Ricky turned his off. "We had our headsets connected, and he ended up turning his off midway through this video to shut me up. Lol, he's known for doing stupid sh*t like this," the poster said.

There's always a black sheep in every car or bike meet. In fact, there's always a black sheep in every gathering, and Ricky here is the perfect example. The original poster says she stopped riding with him to avoid enabling what she refers to as 'idiocy.'

Car and Bike enthusiast gatherings run by an unspoken rule, "Utmost respect to other road users." Unfortunately, not everyone subscribes to these codes, and at times, their stunts often cost the entire entourage a ticket for traffic infractions.

"Yeah, I'd drop Ricky faster than it took him to get to the curb. I don't need somebody like that getting me a ticket because he did something stupid. The fact he hit you is reason enough to not go on rides with him again," one commenter said.

We are glad no one got hurt. For Ricky, it'll be safe for everyone if he finds other ways to travel – a bus pass is a good start.

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