Real-World Need For Speed Cover Car and Four Other Renderings That Became Builds

Polestar 1 Real-World Need For Speed Cover Car 6 photos
Photo: the_khyza/instagram
NFS: Heat Polestar 1 real buildSlammed G63 renderingPorsche Cayman GT4 WRC renderingWidebody Lamborghini Miura Speedster renderingMercedes G63 AMG face swap for Suzuki Jimny rendering
Nowadays, the world wide web is flooded with renderings, and certain car lovers believe this means one has to blindly stick to the "don't believe everything you see on the Internet principle."
And while this rule of the thumb is as solid as possible, we are now here to talk about super-renderings - this is the type of pixel work that ends up becoming a build, without this being the purpose from the get-go. These virtual projects have gained traction like never before over the ending decade, so let's take a bit of time to talk about five of them.

Our eye candy adventure kicks off with a big coup that swept the custom car realm off its feet last month, with digital artist Khyzul Saleem at the center of it all - you can zoom in on this in the image above, which, believe it or not, showcases the build, not the rendering. Note that the opposite is true for the other four images below.

Thanks to its supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-liter turbo-four, plus serious electric assistance, the Polestar 1 is quirky enough on its own, but the yellow example in the image above took that to a whole new level. The contraption, which was born as a rendering earlier this year, was initially aimed at becoming the cover car for Need For Speed: Heat.

And, as the game made its debut, the SEMA show in Las Vegas welcomed a build based on the NFS hero machine, as this had been completed by a developer called Sekrit Studios (autoevolution broke the story to the world).

Slammed G63 rendering
Photo: Yasiddesign/Instagram
While we're on the topic of the 2019 SEMA show, one of the projects that didn't receive as much attention as the Polestar mentioned above was a slammed Mercedes-AMG G63.

The sheer idea of a Gelandewagen that was brought close to the road seems ridiculous, since this would defeat the purpose of the machine, not least thanks to the microscopic ground clearance rendering the three lockable differentials useless. Fortunately, though, the said build comes with air suspension, which means the one behind the wheel can easily lift the car when the driving conditions require it.

The said show car came to be thanks to a specialist dubbed Sadistic Iron Werks, which used the all-new 2019 Gelandewagen. Nevertheless, the build is extremely similar to a rendering digital artist Yasid Oozzeear created back in November 2018, albeit this digital version used the now-old G63 as a base.

Porsche Cayman GT4 WRC rendering
Photo: Hugo Silva Design/Facebook
The next machine on our list makes for an even more important transformation, since we're talking about an effort that involves an automaker whose name is a synonym with motorsport: Porsche.

Back in February 2017, pixel master Hugo Silva pulled a Cayman GT4 WRC out of his Photoshop hat, with the rally coupe showing uber-serious appeal.

Porsche decided to showcase a Cayman GT4 rally car concept in August 2018, with the Zuffenhausen automotive producer testing the waters using the said development.

Fast-forwarding to January this year, we notice a Porsche press release that talks about a rally racer based on the new 718 Cayman GT4. The machine is destined for the FIA R-GT class, which doesn't involve the kind of costs associated with the World Rally Championship. And you'll be able to see the mid-engined toy in action starting from the 2020 season.

Widebody Lamborghini Miura Speedster rendering
Photo: The_Khyza/Instagram
This part of the story is undoubtedly the most controversial, as it is difficult to digest even for those who fancy the various subgenres of the rendering industry. And that's because we're talking about a widebody Lamborghini Miura.

It all started in November 2016, when the same Khyzyl Saleem decided to mess with the Italian icon. As such, the design book topic that is the Miura was given a WB conversion, while also losing its top in the process.

Well, those who filed the said rendering under #toomuch were shaken (and not in a good way) in January last year, when the Tokyo Auto Show marked the debut of the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Miura.

Fortunately, the Japanese aftermarket developer, whose kits adorn multiple moderns supercars, Raging Bulls included, didn't install its "extra" fenders on one of the just 764 Miuras of the world. Instead, a Ford GT40 replica was used as a donor car.

Mercedes G63 AMG face swap for Suzuki Jimny rendering
Photo: Theophilus Chin/Facebook
Going towards the beginning of the ten-year period we're covering, we reach the final four-wheeled creature on our list, which once again involves the G Wagon. Back in March 2013, pixel wielder Theophilus Chin decided to give the Suzuki Jimny a Mercedes G face swap (the previous generations of both were used).

The resemblance between the German and the Japanese offroaders had been observed on many occasions and the said rendering showcased this as clearly as possible.

Well, now that the 2019 model year sees both the Jimny and the G-Class enjoying all-new generations, aftermarket developers in China have decided to make the most out of the said connection. And this is how the tiny offroader received a body kit that transformed it into the two-door G63 the three-pointed star won't build.

And since renderings should become an even stronger presence during the decade that's just around the cork of a champagne bottle, there's one thing we need to do - whenever we evaluate the weight of such an image, we have to use our personal filter rather than rely on the ones applied using image manipulation software.
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Editor's note: PS: Since you've made it this far, you should know this article is just a piece of Ten Years in Ten Stories, our word puzzle celebrating the memorable bits of the ending decade.

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