Real-Life GTA V Featuring Real-Life Trevor Philips Is a Great Short Movie

Real life GTA featuring Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips) 8 photos
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Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)Ral life GTA with Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips)
OK, if you've ever played a game in the Grand Theft Auto series, you will know it needs absolutely no tutorial. The developers have struggled to make the game universe as life-like as possible, so if you need somebody to tell you what to do, then sucking at video games is the least of your worries.
However, if said tutorial was to be had in virtual reality and provided by none other than the world's most lovable psychopath called Trevor Philips, then we doubt anyone would say no. Or, at least, dare to say no. Just in case you read this far despite having no idea who Mr. Philips is, he's one of the main characters in GTA V and precisely the kind of person you would do anything to stay away from in real life.

But if you do know who Trevor Philips is, then you will notice that the actor playing him in this (way too) short clip kind of looks and sounds very much like him. What kind of sorcery is this? Did they overlap the game voice and make him lip-sync? Because if they did, he's doing an excellent job at it.

The answer is a lot simpler than that. The man you are looking at is actor Steven Ogg, and not only did he lend his voice to the Trevor Philips character in the game, but its looks have also been heavily modeled around his. He's as close as you can get to a real-life Trevor Philips without having to visit the psychiatric ward.

If you loved the game, you're going to be psyched by this short film - because the video is definitely worth being called that. It may only be about seven minutes long, but it's got a better script than a lot of Hollywood productions and the acting, at least as far as Steven Ogg is concerned, is top notch.

You can watch the clip below, and then we strongly recommend you move to the behind the scenes footage next. Oh, and play the game, if you haven't already. Strong language and violent scenes warning.

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