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Ready, Steady, Wow! Doge Nascar Racer Is Real

The Internet's favorite Shiba Inu dog has recently found its place on the livery of the Dogecoin-sponsored Nascar race car. How was this possible?
Doge Nascar race car 4 photos
Doge Nascar race carDoge Nascar race carDoge Nascar race car
It all started after a Dogecoin user, Denis Pavel, noticed that Nascar driver Josh Wise didn't have a sponsor on his car. So he started a fundraiser on Reddit to support him, managing to raise 67 million Dogecoins (circa $55,000) in less than two weeks. Wow!

Even though it's amazing that a handful of users from the r/dogecoin and r/NASCAR subreddits rallied in order to make this happen, the truly spectacular feat is that Reddit users were invited to submit their own designs for the Doge-emblazoned race car.

The winning design if chuck-full of all things Doge, the Shiba Inu appearing on the car's hood and backside. The black, yellow, and white livery also features a small detail that made us chuckle: the small rocket next to the right wheel saying "to the moon!" Unfortunately, we couldn't find any multicolored Comic Sans MS text following the format of "such x", "much x", "many x", "very x" and "so x."

You can see the Dogecar in action on May 4 at the Aaron's 449 Nascar Sprint Cup race at the Talladega Superspeedway. By the way, "Dogecar" spelled backwards is "Race god." Such race. Very anticipation. Wow!


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